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Frank Church Students and Families:

I am excited to be the new principal at Frank Church High School. It is a great school with quality teachers. The staff is dedicated to making sure that students are college and career ready. I look forward to being a part of that vision. I would also like to welcome Dan Knight as one of our new assistant principals. I am happy to convey that Camille Fraley will be continuing next year as our other assistant principal.
I wanted to take the opportunity to inform our students and families of a few changes for the upcoming 2015-2016 school year. The schedule will include a four period day. This will still provide students with the same credit recovery options. We have incorporated the academic school wide interventions into our schedule so that we can build the skills to help students become successful in the classroom.
In addition, we will alter the schedule to include two lunch periods. Ninth and tenth graders will eat during our first lunch, and eleventh and twelfth graders will eat during our second lunch. There was a lot of healthy discussion this year about whether to have an open or closed campus. A survey was sent out to students in April to gather their feedback about the options for an open or closed campus. Also, the parents and guardians were provided the opportunity to fill out a survey during teacher conferences. Both surveys came back with the same results. The results indicated a desire to have the ninth and tenth grade lunch to be a closed campus, and the eleventh and twelfth grade lunch to be open campus.
The written response section named two primary reasons for this decision. Students felt it was an incentive to move toward junior status, and earn an opportunity to leave campus during lunch. Also, responses indicated that this would help address safety concerns. We want our students to continue to be a positive example in our community. To that end, we will implement a set of standards that students will be required to meet in order to continue to have off campus privileges. This will be addressed on an individual basis. In the Fall of 2015, we will have more specific information about the conduct we want our students to exhibit during open campus, as well as a safe route to and from campus for those students who will be walking.
I welcome input as this process develops throughout next year. Please feel free to call me at school, or email me throughout the summer. I look forward to meeting each of you in the Fall of 2015.


Derek Gardner - Principal
Camille Fraley - Assistant Principal
Dan Knight - Assistant Principal


Frank Church High School
2015-2016 School Day Schedules

Full Day Schedule:

Warning Bell           8:00   
Block 1                   8:05 – 9:35             90 Minutes
Break                     9:35 – 9:48             13 Minutes
Block 2                   9:48 – 11:18           90 Minutes
9/10 Lunch              11:18 – 11:58          40 minutes              Closed Campus
11/12 Block 3          11:21 – 12:51          90 minutes
9/10 Block 3            11:58 – 1:28           (90 minutes)
11/12 Lunch            12:51 – 1:31           (40 minutes)            Open Campus with Presentation
                                                                                         of Frank Church ID Card
Block 4                   1:31 – 3:01             (90 Minutes)
Early Release Schedule:
8:00                       Warning Bell
8:05 – 8:58             Block 1                   53 minutes
9:01 – 9:56             Block 2                   55 minutes (Announcements)
9:56 – 10:11           Break                     15 minutes
10:11– 11:04           Block 3                   53 minutes
11:07 – 12:00          Block 4                   53 minutes
Final Exams Schedule (Day 1):
8:00                        Warning Bell
8:05 – 9:40             Exam #1                 95 minutes (Announcements)
9:40 – 10:00           Break                     20 minutes
10:00 – 11:30          Exam #2                 90 minutes
Final Exams Schedule (Day 2):
8:05                        Warning Bell
8:05 – 9:40             Exam #3                 95 minutes (Announcements)
9:40 – 10:00           Morning Break        20 minutes
10:00 – 11:30          Exam #4                 90 minutes

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